Steyr’s AUG A3 M1 Long Rail

In response to an overwhelming number of requests for a longer top rail for its AUG A3 M1 bullpup platform, Steyr Arms recently announced that it is now in full production of a M1 Long Rail version of the rifle. Offering 25 numbered slots, the new Long Rail version provides a significant increase in surface area for use with both optics and back-up iron sights.

The top rail on this new Long Rail version of the AUG A3 M1 rifle boasts two more slots than the original flat-top AUG A3 SA, but is still the same overall rail height over the stock comb, providing optimal cheekweld with a wide variety of optics and iron sights. The Long Rail extends a full 5.5 inches back from the receiver, placing its rearmost edge almost in line with the front of the ejection port for better placement of a rear iron sight.

The Long Rail also features lightening cuts along both sides and milled areas underneath to greatly reduce weight. Overall weight of the AUG A3 M1 Long Rail is 7.8 pounds, and it is available in Black, Mud, OD Green, or White for either the standard AUG stock or the NATO-style stocks, which accept STANAG magazines.The AUG A3 M1 Long Rail includes one translucent polymer 30-round magazine and an owner's manual. SRP: $2,099. The rail is available separately for $145. (