New Corrosion Technologies Bore Cleaner

This new cleaner will safely and efficiently blast through multi-layered bore build up

Corrosion Technologies’ Bore Cleaner
Corrosion Technologies’ Bore CleanerCorrosion Technologies

Corrosion Technologies’ Bore Cleaner safely and efficiently blasts through the components of multi-layered bore buildup—including hydrocarbon resins, dust, dirt, salts, minerals, carbon, and soft-metal fouling—without emitting the fumes associated with older powder solvents.

Although Bore Cleaner is aggressive on gunk and fouling, it is completely safe on polymers, varnishes, soft metals, metal alloys, bluing, anodizing, and all other known gun finishes. SRP: 1 ounce, $3.99; 4 ounces, $9.99; 16 ounces, $15.99; 32 ounces, $23.99; 1 gallon, $59.99. (