Celerant Tech Offers FFL Dealers Seamless Curbside Pickup Process for Firearms.

Along with FastBound’s electronic 4473, the process is simple.

As you probably know, in an open letter to FFL dealers dated April 10, the ATF released updated guidance on ID verification, paperwork, and the sale and delivery of firearms. This guidance effectively extended the boundaries of FFL retail locations to areas directly outside the physical store, such as parking lots, allowing for new contactless delivery methods, like curbside pickup.

Celerant Technology, together with FastBound’s electronic 4473, is pleased to offer FFL dealers a seamless curbside pickup process for firearms.

Celerant’s curbside application sends automated text messages to your customers when their order is ready for pickup, while FastBound provides the ability for your customers to then easily scan a QR code, at your curb, to complete and sign the 4473 on their own mobile device.

Backed by industry leading compliance program, FFLGuard, dealers can be assured they are within compliance, while offering a contactless delivery option to customers.

To learn more about Celerant’s new curbside pickup application, go here.