Hawke Modernizes Air Rile Scopes

Air rifles are more advanced than ever, and to ge tthe best performance, shooters need specially designed scopes.

Hawke’s new Airmax 30 Touch 3–12x32 scope on a white background.
Hawke’s new Airmax 30 Touch 3–12x32 scope.Hawke

Modern, pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are more advanced than ever, and to get the best performance out of these rifles, shooters need scopes designed specifically for them. Hawke’s new Airmax 30 Touch, a 3–12x32 scope built on a 30mm main tube, is one example of the breed.

First thing you need to tell a prospective customer is that the scope has zero eye relief. If they recoil in horror at the thought, tell them that, since recoil is virtually nonexistent with this type of air rifle, eye relief isn’t a factor in the buying decision. The Airmax 30 Touch does have a side-focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards. The scope also comes with a 4-inch side-focus wheel that can be used to adjust for parallax. Adjustable red illuminated reticles allow for maximum visibility in any lighting condition. It has six brightness levels, with off positions between each level.

Both the AMX and AMX IR glass-etched reticles are based on the spacing of a 10X mil dot.

Half mil-dot spacing on the lower post provides increased aim points for long shots. The scope also features capped, resettable target turrets and an adjustable zoom ring with an indexed magnification that has an audible click setting.

The Airmax 30 Touch is a compact, low-profile scope that is ready to top a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. It is backed by a lifetime warranty. SRP: $469. (hawkeoptics.com)