Wiley X Unveils Captivate Lenses

The company’s new lenses are designed to enhance color and provide greater clarity, increased contrast, and better depth perception

Wiley X Captivate lens
The new Wiley X Captivate lens is designed to improve clarity and depth perception.Slaton L. White

Think all protective glasses are alike? Wiley X begs to differ. It has just launched a new lens for its products—Captivate.

“Essentially, this is color redefined,” said co-owner Dan Freeman when I visited the Wiley X headquarters in Livermore, California, for a rollout of the new product.

According to Freeman, Captivate lenses are designed to achieve enhanced color, greater clarity, increased contrast, and better depth perception. “The human eye cannot see the entire light spectrum clearly because it is unable to distinguish where certain colors merge,” he said. “Captivate lenses filter out light that confuses the eye. For example, our eyes can easily distinguish the blue, green, and red wavelengths along the visible-light spectrum. However, it’s where the blue, green, and red wavelengths merge together that the human eye has a difficult time seeing clearly. Captivate lenses filter out that confusing light. That’s how the lenses deliver increased contrast and greater clarity.”

Another benefit of this new technology is better depth perception. “It does this by eliminating the blue light haze while separating and enhancing colors in the visual spectrum,” Freeman said. “This is a big benefit for early-season bowhunters sitting in stands in thick cover. It should help them spot game faster.”

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows the danger of overexposure to UV and HEV rays. Freeman said Captivate can help reduce the risk of long-term eye damage because the lens is designed to block the transmission of those rays.

“The purpose of Captivate is to see better,” he said. “We will offer Captivate in eight colors. Wiley X was founded on eye protection, so the lenses will be built to our exact safety standards and will be housed in the protective frames for which we are known.”

And with that I was led off to see Wiley’s in-house testing facility.

“Third-party independent testing makes us different,” Freeman said. “Why doesn’t the competition do this? Cost!”

Wiley X testing machine
The Wiley X chamber of horrorsSlaton L. White

Although the testing facility is housed inside the Wiley X building, it is run as a separate unit. “What this means is that none of us can walk in here and tell the testers our glasses must pass. That’s not how we operate. If something fails, it goes back to the drawing board.”

In this compact “chamber of horrors,” Wiley X glasses (as well as those of the competition) are subjected to a series of drop, puncture, and impact tests, all of which are designed to assess the integrity of frames and lenses. When you watch a lens shatter or a frame fly apart, it will make you think twice about buying (or selling) cheap eye protection. It also means, as a retailer, you know the glasses you carry from Wiley X meet the rigid safety standards the company says they do. (wileyx.com)