Winchester Expands Components Line, Updates Packaging

New additions include USA Ready match-grade primers, .350 Legend brass and bullets, .450 Bushmaster brass, and 6.5 Creedmoor bullets

Winchester Ammunition has expanded its line of reloading components.
Winchester Ammunition has expanded its line of reloading components and updated their packaging.Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition is expanding its component line with a variety of new bullets, primers, wads and several new types of brass shell cases.

The components will also be available in new bold packaging designs that include red, black and white graphics. 

Additionally, Winchester pistol and rifle bullets in 500-count packages will now be available in sturdy, stackable cardboard boxes, with the 100-count bullets available in plastic boxes. 

Some of the recent additions to the component offerings include USA Ready match grade primers, 350 Legend shell cases and bullets, 450 Bushmaster shell cases, and 6.5 Creedmoor bullets.  

“Reloading is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows hunters and recreational shooters to customize loads to specific needs and extend their love of shooting into another pastime,” the company stated in a release.