Don’t Be a Bystander

Do your part to fight political anti-gun bias

So, 2020 is shaping up to be exciting, to say the least. Naturally, the biggest issue of the year will be the presidential election. Unless one is completely off the grid, it is no secret that the rights of firearms owners are being challenged as never before.

Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President
Joe Bartozzi, NSSF PresidentNSSF.Org

I cannot recall a single election cycle so dominated by anti-gun bias and outright bigotry against law-abiding gun owners. Interestingly, although not surprisingly, the candidates for president from the Democratic party say little to nothing about punishing criminals for their misuse of firearms. It seems that instead of vowing to strictly enforce the countless laws on the books relating to firearms, their only solution is to pile on more restrictions to those who lawfully use firearms. They speak of “mandatory buybacks” and carefully avoid the actual intent: confiscation and the dismantling of the Second Amendment.

“I cannot recall a single election cycle so dominated by anti-gun bias and outright bigotry against law-abiding gun owners.”

These blatant attacks against the rights of law-abiding gun owners must not stand. We, all of us, must make a stand or risk losing our rights and the rights of countless Americans to follow forever. One of the most important things we can do is to encourage our family and friends—and, most importantly, our fellow gun owners, hunters, sport shooters, and members of gun clubs—to get registered to vote, get informed on the issues that affect our rights as gun owners, and to actually go vote on Election Day.

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If you own a business that is a part of or serves the firearms industry, make sure your employees get registered to vote. At my previous place of employment, our chairman, Alan Mossberg, sent a letter to all employees reminding them of the importance of the right to vote. He encouraged them to become informed on the issues affecting our industry, and even allowed his employees to register to vote on company time. That’s real leadership, and I would suggest that every member of this industry should follow that example. Now more than ever, we need leaders in this industry to step up and make certain that the voice of our industry is heard loud and clear—we will not give up without having our say at the polls.

NSSF is actively involved in educating voters on issues that affect the rights of gun owners. Our Gunvote website and educational materials provide up-to-date information on candidates’ positions and provide useful information to help voters make informed decisions. Go to to learn more about what you can do.