NASGW Partners with NSSF to Launch SCOPE CLX

The new comprehensive shooting sports reatil sales database is part of the SCOPE data platform.

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NSSF and the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) announced at the 2020 SHOT Show the launch of SCOPE CLX, a comprehensive shooting sports retail-sales database, as part of NASGW’s larger SCOPE data platform. NASGW recently acquired Customer-Link Exchange (CLX), a cloud-based reporting solution that makes point-of-sale information available to partners in the supply chain. The technology was originally developed for AcuSport Corporation.

Complemented by NASGW’s current wholesale data program, tracking shipments and inventory from more than 20 leading distributors, SCOPE CLX will provide a more detail-driven look at market conditions.

“SCOPE CLX is an industry-led program backed by NASGW distributors,” says Kenyon Gleason, NASGW president. “We look forward to scaling the number of retailers contributing data to new heights, and supporting our industry with data they can use each and every day to make better business decisions.”

SCOPE CLX will integrate with all major retail POS systems, including preferred providers like Celerant and Epicor. To learn more, visit or contact