NSSF’s 2020 Industry Reference Guide Has Been Released

The most comprehensive compilation of firearm and ammunition industry-related information is available now.

TheNSSF Report 2020 Industry Reference Guide manual.
TheNSSF Report 2020 Industry Reference Guide manual.NSSF

The NSSF 2020 Industry Reference Guide, NSSF’s most comprehensive compilation of firearm and ammunition industry-related information, is available now. This research report provides a current look at, and historical trend data for, a wide range of categories in our industry, including hunting and target shooting activity. The report includes more than 200 pages of information, along with data on the following trends:

  • Hunting license data and trends
  • Excises taxes for firearms and ammunition
  • NICS and NSSF-adjusted NICS (background check trends)
  • FFLs (dealer trends by state and by type)
  • National range summary
  • Firearms production (by year, manufacturer, and caliber)
  • Imports/exports (for ammunition and shotgun cartridges, and by type of firearm and country)
  • Firearms-related accident statistics
  • Concealed-carry permit holders by state
  • Estimated magazine chart and ATF Forms 2, 3, 4, and 5 data
  • Participation trends in all shooting sports
  • State-level participation by shooting discipline
  • Demographic trends of all shooting types
  • Consumer purchases and price distribution
  • Social research relating to firearms

This data-filled publication is available as a PDF download through the NSSF online store. NSSF Patron and Premium members can download the report for free, while other NSSF members may access the report for $95, a substantial discount off the non-members price of $950. (Please note that members must log in to nssf.org to access member pricing.) Have questions about the report or need assistance accessing it? Please contact Dianne Vrablic, NSSF Manager, Industry Research at 203-299-2948 ext. 263 or dvrablic@nssf.org.