Country Smoker Pellet Grill

Why settle for a cold sandwich when a portable Country Smoker pellet grille can provide a hunter with a hot meal on the ego?

Country Smokers grill
You can grill, sear, and smoke with the Traveler wood-pellet grill from Country Smokers. The grill sets up on a tailgate quickly, allowing hungry hunters to enjoy the luxury of a hot meal.Slaton L. White

I long ago gave up bologna sandwiches for lunch when engaged on an all-day hunt. But even so, circumstances often dictate a quick snack on the run when you embark on a spot-and-stalk big-game hunt, even if what you really want is to sit a spell and enjoy a warm, soul-satisfying meal. Last fall, while on a pronghorn hunt in Wyoming, though, I learned there’s a great way to do this off the tailgate of a pickup with a downsized, wood-pellet grill from Dansons.

The Traveler, part of the company’s new Frontier line of Country Smokers, was built for those who like to take wood-fired flavor with them. It’s portable and compact, from a manufacturer that specializes in outdoor grills.

The hopper holds up to 5 pounds of hardwood pellets, while 256 square inches of on-the-go cooking surface provides plenty of room to grill. Power to the hopper is achieved via the AC power outlet connection located in the truck’s cargo box wall. You will need to leave the engine on while cooking, but the grill heats to a maximum temperature of 500 degrees F very quickly.

I shot my antelope in an alfalfa field in the morning. After dressing it out, we pulled the backstraps and then marinated them with stone-ground mustard and olive oil. When it was time for lunch, we parked behind a rock outcropping, to give us a break from the relentless wind, and fired up the grill. It wasn’t long before I could hear my backstraps sizzling on the grill, accompanied by asparagus and a can of corn. Now, that’s a real lunch. SRP: $229.99. Booth #L219. (