The CZ 457 Rimfire Line Gets Even Better

New models make this powerhouse rimfire line even more appealing to target shooters and varmint hunters.

CZ Varmint Rifle
The 457 Varmint Precision Chassis is built on an aluminum MDT-style chassis with either a 16.5-inch or 24-inch threaded heavy barrel.CZ USA

As match director of a tactical precision rimfire competition in New York State, I’m often asked about new .22 LR rifles. The NRL22 series, which we shoot, has five stages of record to 100 yards, then we run bonus stages that stretch from 110 to 200 yards. It has given the silhouette shooters, sporter rifle guys, and our club’s small-game hunters reason to buy a new gun and optic for longer-than-normal .22 LR shooting. My answer to “which gun?” has become a form email: a list of four rifles that range from $1,100 to under $300. When I check back in with the potential buyer—every single time—they have bought the same rifle: the CZ 457.

Last SHOT Show, CZ announced an updated version of its popular 455 rimfire action. The 457 took what made the 455 a hit and did away with a few things that irked shooters. The stamped bottom metal was swapped out for a sculpted two-piece system. The push-to-fire safety runs the “correct” American way—forward to fire. The bolt rotation was tweaked from 90 degrees to 60, so big scopes can be mounted lower. CZ also lightened the firing pin for faster strikes. The barrels remain interchangeable, with calibers offered in .22 LR, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR. There’s a robust barrel aftermarket, too, with many of the top makers in the country offering pre-fit 455 tubes that work with the 457.

CZ Varmint Rifle
Coming on board in 2020 is the 457 Jaguar, in a good-looking, dark beechwood stock and a 28.5-inch barrel with adjustable iron sights.CZ USA

The 457 launched with a deep bench of nine models, all kitted out for various use: The 457 American, with a standard “American” style beavertail stock, intended for scoped shooting; the 457 Varmint, a heavy-barreled version of the American; the 457 Varmint MTR, an improved Varmint with a distinctive Turkish walnut stock, a match barrel with the tightest .22 LR chamber allowed by C.I.P. (the international small-arms proofing organization), and an excellent trigger; the 457 Lux, with a European hogback laser-etched stock in premium Turkish walnut, with a 24.8-inch barrel and fixed iron sights; the 457 Training Rifle, a dressed-down version of the Lux, with less expensive wood (great for new shooters or a backyard iron-sighted plinker); the 457 Scout, a youth rifle with a 12-inch length of pull and a threaded 16.5-inch barrel; the 457 ProVarmint Suppressor-Ready, which sits in a Boyd’s ProVarmint stock and comes with a 16.5-inch threaded barrel; the 457 Varmint At-One, in an adjustable At-One stock and 24-inch barrel; and the 457 Varmint Precision Trainer, outfitted in a Manners composite stock with a 24-inch barrel.

CZ Varmint Rifle
From top: Varmint At-One, ProVarmint Suppressor Ready, Varmint Precision Trainer, and American.CZ USA

That’s a lineup that rivals the depth of the immortal 1927 New York Yankees. And this year, CZ-USA is adding to the line. Joining the team are the 457 Jaguar, in a good-looking, dark beechwood stock and a 28.5-inch barrel with adjustable iron sights and the 457 Varmint Precision Chassis, in an aluminum MDT-style chassis with heavy barrel options. A threaded 16.5-inch and a 24-inch are available. Booth #11221. (