AG Composites Creates High-Caliber Drop-In Stocks

AG Composites uses state-of-the-art equipment to build composite stocks that need little fitting

The AG Composites Alpine Hunter stock on a Remington Model 700 SPS in .308 Winchester
The AG Composites Alpine Hunter stock on a Remington Model 700 SPS in .308 Winchester. As configured, this rifle consistently delivered sub-MOA 5-shot groups.AG Composites

Hearing about a company that got started in a garage and eventually went mainstream is always inspiring. That is, after all, part of the American Dream: With a good idea, hard work, and perseverance, Americans can find success. For me, it’s even more inspiring when those behind that company are veterans who served our country.

AG Composites was founded in 2014 by an Army Ranger and two Marines. Based near New Hope, Alabama, they managed to turn a garage operation into a successful business that employees 40 folks from the local community. The company is now housed in a 16,000-square-foot building containing modern, state-of-the-art equipment that supports a process founded on years of aerospace design and manufacturing experience.

Matt Tandy with the lean and trim Privateer, which is ideally configured for an accurate and lightweight mountain-style rifle.
Matt Tandy with the lean and trim Privateer, which is ideally configured for an accurate and lightweight mountain-style rifle.AG Composites

I drove out to New Hope to meet these guys and was greeted at the door by Matt Tandy. He smiled and then gave me that firm military handshake. When he turned to invite me inside, the former cop in me noticed the print of a pistol under his T-shirt. Inside, I met his brother, Dave, who was dressed similarly. My first thought was, These country boys seem like my kind of guys. I got the full tour and was most impressed with the attention the crew dedicates to quality control; when they send a stock out the door, they’re 100 percent confident it will fit and perform.

They agreed to send me a carbon-fiber Alpine Hunter stock (SRP: $579) to test, and when it arrived, I installed a good-shooting Remington 700 barreled action. It fit to perfection, but most important, it shot extremely well. I’d recently tested six other drop-in stocks with the same barreled action, some of which cost twice as much as the stock from AG Composites. But the AG stock was the only synthetic stock that allowed for sub-MOA precision without glass bedding, and it weighed just 29 ounces.

That’s impressive, but what might be even more so is the fact that wait times are much shorter than for some of the competitions’. The lead time for a stock from AG Composites runs between four and eight weeks. And the company’s robust quality-control procedures mean that when you receive the stock, you don’t have to do a lot of fitting to make it work. The stock I tested required no work at all; I simply dropped the barreled action in and tightened the screws.

So how does a company that builds such great-performing drop-in stocks at an affordable price exist without anyone seeming to know about them? Mainly by flying under the radar as an OEM, supplying stocks to many of the top rifle manufacturers in the industry. The Barrett Fieldcraft, Kimber Open Country, and Bergara Mountain Hunter all wear AG Composites stocks. So, too, do rifles from the Remington Custom Shop and other well- known custom gunsmiths.

Rifle in the middle of a field
The inletting on the carbon-fiber stocks from AG Composites is executed to perfection, so your barreled action will fit with minimal work—or even no work at all.AG Composites

The company is now breaking cover by offering 11 different drop-in stock models for sale directly to the consumer. Every one of these stocks is handcrafted from carbon fiber, and most are made to fit Remington 700, Stiller, Lone Peak Razor, Impact, and Kelby actions.

Retrofitting older Remington 700s, as well as building custom guns configured for long-range shooting, is very popular right now. Part of that process—a critical part—is the selection and installation of a quality aftermarket stock. In less than five years, AG Composites has become a major player in that space, all by figuring out a way to quickly and affordably make some of the best composite rifle stocks in the world.

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