Bianchi Launches New 6A Ambi Holster

It has an ambidextrous design that allows for both strong-side and crossdraw carry

The new Bianchi 6A Ambi waistband holster.
The new Bianchi 6A Ambi waistband holster.Bianchi

The Model 6A Ambi waistband holster features an ambidextrous design, providing both strong-side and crossdraw carry, and allows both inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry, offering four different ways to wear this holster.

The 6A Ambi is ultra-thin and lightweight, and is designed to accept multiple handguns in one size, due to a combination of the soft suede construction and Bianchi’s Adjust-A-Break thumb break closure. This allows for an adjustable and secure fit around several different-size pistols—or removal for those who prefer an open-top design.

The thumb break also features a polymer-tipped snap closure with suede straps that attach via hook-and-loop to either side of the holster.

Based on the popular, longstanding Model 6 waistband design, the Model 6A Ambi waistband holster features a heavy-duty clip that keeps the holster securely in place and allows for a 1.75-inch belt width. The lightweight suede construction has a double-stitched seam in the welt area for strength and durability.

“Comfort, concealability, and safety are hallmarks of Bianchi holsters, and this new Ambi holster adds excellent versatility to that mix,” says James Dawson, category director for Safariland’s Duty Gear business unit. “Inside-the-waistband holsters have been trending for the last few years, and we’ve taken this model one step further by combining a multi-fit design with a versatile carry—both inside and outside the waistband, with the ability to wear it strong side or cross draw.”

Available in March 2020, the holster is offered in nine different fits for a variety of small- to medium-frame revolvers and small- to large-frame pistols, including Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG Sauer, S&W, and Springfield. SRP: $35. Booth #12762. (