Federal Releases HammerDown Lever Action Ammo

The ammo maker has partnered with Henry Repeating Arms to create cartridges with bullets and cases optimized to perform in lever guns.

Federal's new HammerDown ammo
Federal's new HammerDown ammo line is optimized for easy loading and cycling in lever action rifles.Joseph

Federal Ammunition has partnered with Henry Repeating Arms to launch a line of ammo in pistol and rifle calibers specifically optimized for use in lever action rifles. The new HammerDown bullets, cases, and cartridge designs are made for easy feeding and loading through tube mags, especially the type used on most Henry rifles.

Initial caliber offerings include .327 Federal Mag, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 Long Colt, .30-30 Win., and .45-70 Gov.

Federal chamfered the cases of all HammerDown cartridges, which also include specialized geometry on the front face of the case rim. This prevents them from getting hung up on the mag tube when loading a rifle, or when loading through a loading gate and also improves cycling.

Federal HammerDown .30-30
The new Federal HammerDown .30-30 lever gun ammo.Josep

All HammerDown bullets have a lead core that is molecularly bonded to the copper plating, similar to Federal’s Fusion ammo and Speer’s Gold Dot bullets. Handgun-caliber HammerDown cartridges are loaded with heavier bullets with increased velocities to deliver better penetration from rifle barrels. All cartridges feature nickel-plated brass cases for easy case extraction, clean-burning propellants, and Federal Gold Medal primers.

At the shooting bay, the .30-30 ammo, which has a significant rim and always gets hung up in my Henry All Weather lever gun when loading, loaded effortlessly both through the tube and the loading gate. Cycling was flawless and accuracy was stellar. SRP $19.99, .45-70 $38.99. Booth #14551