Federal’s Terminal Ascent Bullet Combines Deep Expansion With Long Distances

Federal’s new Terminal Ascent is a new bullet design that combines the expansion found in hunting bullets with the match-style bullets used by long-range target shooters

Federal's new Terminal Ascent bullet
Available in 11 configurations, Federal's new Terminal Ascent bullet successfully combines the expansion common to hunting bullets with the match-style profile seen on precision long-range target bullets.Federal

Federal has long been able to build tough, expanding bullets for hunting big game. It also loads sleek, accurate, match-style bullets for long-range target shooting. Combining both of those qualities into a single bullet has been a bit more complicated. The result, though, is Terminal Ascent, a new bullet design that successfully combines both attributes.

Federal took all the lessons learned during the past few decades building its own proprietary bullets and poured all that knowledge and experience into creating this new bullet. Proven designs—such as Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Trophy Bonded Tip, and Edge TLR—all helped pave the way to create Terminal Ascent.

“This new bullet design provides high weight retention, deep penetration, and lethal terminal performance, both up close and at extreme distances,” says J.J. Reich, Federal’s senior media relations manager.

According to Reich, Terminal Ascent features three key elements in its superior overall design. “First, the solid copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for deep penetration. Second, the AccuChannel grooving along the shank helps improve accuracy across a range of rifles while decreasing barrel wear and fouling. However, unlike conventional grooving, the AccuChannel’s shape accomplishes these goals with only a minimal increase in drag. Third, the Slipstream heat-resistant polymer tip features our patent-pending hollow-core technology. A small cavity runs the length of the shank to just below the point itself. That point breaks free upon impact, allowing fluid to enter the hollow core, where it generates pressure and easy expansion, even at low velocities.”

In addition to the AccuChannel and Slipstream tip, Federal engineers incorporated other important features to boost ballistic coefficient, delivering flat trajectories and less wind drift.

Finally, Terminal Ascent also features high-end nickel plating that is corrosion-resistant, to give the cartridge an outstanding appearance with smooth operation. This finishing makes Terminal Ascent look like a fine piece of jewelry. And the use of clean-burning propellant and an ultra-reliable, sealed primer—as well as its electric-blue polymer tip—produces a sleek-looking, high-performance cartridge that’s sure to impress.

The new line of ammunition will be launched initially in 11 cartridge options, including 130-grain 6.5 Creedmoor, 130-grain 6.5 PRC, 136- grain .270 Win., 136-grain .270 WSM, 155-grain .280 Ackley Improved, 155- grain 28 Nosler, 155-grain 7mm Rem. Mag., 175-grain .308 Win., 175-grain .30/06 Spring, 200-grain .300 Win. Mag., and 200-grain .300 Win. Short Mag. All are sold in 20-count boxes.

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