Riton Optics Are Right On the Mark

In a crowded market space Riton had to be a brand that offers more dollar-for-dollar value to the customer.

Riton Optics
Riton Optics focuses on building a quality, high-precision piece of glass that can also take a beating. Riton Optics

What’s in a name? When Brady Speth, owner of Riton Optics, was product-testing his new line of optics with a legion of his military and LE pals, they experienced a recurring theme. After each shot, after each group, he and his shooting partners would voice the same response: “That’s right on.” It was only a small step from there to name the new enterprise Riton.

Riton is a relatively new optics brand, though Speth has had plenty of experience in the optics world. When he looked at the field, he realized his biggest issue was that his product—essentially a black tube with glass at each end—looked like any other product in a very crowded space.

So he took a step back and thought about strategy. How could he differentiate his products from the competition’s? He decided Riton had to be a brand that offers more dollar-for-dollar value to the customer.

“We had to build a quality, high-precision piece of glass,” Speth says. “One that can take a beating and still perform. And if it fails, we needed to have an industry-leading warranty and fast turnaround on a replacement.”

Those parameters led Speth to develop an unlimited lifetime warranty, 48-hour turnaround on sending out a replacement product, and, above all, great glass. “We provide trust with our distributors and dealers,” says Speth. “These personal relationships mean a lot to us and our customers.” Riton has an attractive behind-the-counter program for dealers, so it is easy and rewarding to do business with the company.

Part of that promise means providing a superior optic. To that end, Riton offers premium HD Japanese lenses on even entry-level scopes. The quality-assurance process means scopes are checked twice before they are shipped to the distributor. This ensures the distributor gets a quality product. More important, it means the end user will be happy. And happy customers help ensure good relationships between a manufacturer and a distributor.

Anyone who spends time behind an eyepiece knows it’s the details that make the difference, like turrets and magnification rings that can be easily manipulated with gloved hands, true battery life, and glass that has clear, edge-to-edge color and sharpness. It also helps if that aforementioned glass doesn’t fog up when you take it from a 70-degree vehicle into a 20-degree field.

I’ve been running a Riton Mod 5 GEN2 3–9x40mm SPF hunting scope on my Savage 6.5 Creedmoor, and when I check my work through the spotter, I have to say Speth is right. Those groups are right on.

For 2020, Riton is introducing a new line at four price points for hunters, tactical shooters, and long-range shooters. I expect they also will be “right on.” Booth #428. (ritonoptics.com)