Team Armalite 2017 Roster Announced

For the 2017 season, Armalite is stacking its competitive shooting team with some of the best shooters on the circuit. Team Captain Greg Jordan will be returning for his fourth season and will be joined by Team Armalite veterans Hunter “Nubs” Cayll and John Mouret. In addition, Rick Torres and Tom Lackley will round out the roster.

“Knowing the role Armalite has played in the development of firearms throughout history, specifically the AR-15 platform, I consider this a great honor,” says Jordan.

Returning for his second year with Team Armalite, Cayll will continue his climb to the top. Cayll, relatively new to competitive shooting, has proven that being born with no hands is “no excuse” to keep him from succeeding. Cayll can often be seen at the major industry trade show events on the range helping to educate new shooters. He also lends his knowledge and experience to the NubAbility Athletics Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to coaching kids with limb loss.

Mouret is a veteran shooter and sergeant with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. In addition to 3-Gun competitions, he will be participating in law enforcement multi-gun matches, utilizing off-the-shelf patrol rifle configurations from Armalite. Although Torres is relatively new to 3-Gun, his experience in law enforcement and his passion for shooting give him, Armalite believes, a natural ability to succeed at a competitive level.

Lackley, a junior shooter, will be joining Team Armalite as a factory shooter. This year marks his third year shooting competitive 3-Gun. (