TenPoint Introduces Lightweight Carbon Phantom RCX

One of TenPoint's three new crossbows for 2017, the Carbon Phantom RCX, generates maximum efficiency by combining a newly engineered reverse cam-bow assembly with a newly engineered stock- and carbon-fiber barrel combination.

At the heart of the crossbow’s efficiency is the bow assembly’s new RCX Cam System. Measuring 13.375 inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the bow assembly creates an increased power stroke, at 16 inches, for a crossbow measuring just 35.5 inches long. In addition, it allows the lightweight 160-pound bow assembly—equipped with 10.5-inch RCX limbs and new Brownell Rhino string and cables—to generate speeds up to 385 feet per second. The machined–aluminum riser features an Over-the-Top limb pocket and Zytel Limb Suspension System that both separates and isolates the limbs from direct contact with the riser to reduce sound and vibration. Pre-installed String Dampening Rods (SDR) further reduce noise and vibration.

The ACX (Adjustable Comfort Crossbow) stock is molded from PolyOne OnForce polypropylene and features a one-piece adjustable cheekpiece and butt plate. The butt plate simply slides along a rail and can be secured in any position within a 1-inch range to match the shooter’s length of pull. In addition, the stock is equipped with larger rubber safety wings that include finger reminders when the shooter’s hand is in the proper position on the fore-grip, further helping to prevent the fingers and thumb from moving above the flight deck. A fully enclosed trigger guard provides added safety as well.

SRP: $1,699–$1,799. (tenpointcrossbows.com)