Tipton® Gun Cleaning Supplies Releases New Power Clean™ Electric Gun-Cleaning Brush Kit

Tipton® Power Clean™ Electric Gun-Cleaning Brush Kit
The Tipton Power Clean Electric Gun Cleaning Brush Kit revolutionizes the way firearms are cleaned. The brush scrubs at 3600 oscillations per minute, reducing the time and effort spent on cleaning firearms. The kit comes with avariety of cleaning heads and an adapter to use with any 8-32 thread cleaning brush tip. The Power Clean Electric Gun Cleaning Brush makes cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces easy and stress-free.

Features Include:
• Pulse and continuous brush cleaning modes
• Interchangeable plastic, stainless steel and bronze bristle brush heads (all are ¾ inch in diameter)
• Bronze adapter head that accepts 8-32 thread cleaning brush tips
• 22 cal. nylon bore brush
• Sealed power handle that is resistant to gun-cleaning solvents and oils

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