Trulock Chokes for Turkeys

Trulock Chokes is introducing a new line of chokes specifically engineered to achieve maximum performance with Federal's new Heavyweight TSS 7 and TSS 9 turkey shells. Shotshell performance has improved dramatically over the last few years, but older chokes, designed for a wide range of standard loads, often can't take full advantage of these improvements. But Trulock's new TSS chokes have a completely new interior design with exit diameters that optimally enhance the capabilities of these new shells. As a result, both the TSS 7 and TSS 9 have a specific exit diameter, as testing showed that slightly different configurations worked best for each size of shot. Trulock mates its chokes with specific brands of shotguns. Currently, these new Trulock chokes are manufactured in Invector, Invector Plus, Beretta/Benelli Mobil, Crio Plus, Rem Choke, and M835 configurations, all in 12-gauge. (