Two Post-Election NSSF Webinars Offer Insights

Patrick Rothwell Jake McGuigan

Patrick Rothwell

Jake McGuigan

Now that the election has wrapped up, attention turns to what the results mean for our industry and for the Second Amendment. In November, NSSF’s Government Relations team hosted two informational webinars to offer members an overview of the political and policy landscape in Washington, D.C., and on the state level.

Patrick Rothwell, NSSF Managing Director, Government Relations—Federal Affairs, provided an overview of the impact of the election on Congress and federal legislation. Among the topics covered were legislative and regulatory priorities for the industry in the new Congress and Trump administration, a look ahead at key dynamics that affect the outlook for those issues, and a preview of potential Supreme Court picks.

Jake McGuigan, NSSF Senior Director, Government Relations—State Affairs, offered insights on the changes to state legislatures and governor’s mansions. With dramatic changes in partisan control in many states, topics covered included the new makeup of state governments, implications for the gun-control advocates’ agenda, and what to watch in terms of threats and opportunities moving forward. The webinars are available to all NSSF members when they go to the members-only side of