HSM Offers Limited Run of SPECIAL VARMINT Cartridges

HSM Ammunition, out of Stevensville, MT, is now offering a limited production run of an extraordinary varmint cartridge. Chambered for .308 Win., this cartridge features a one-of-a-kind bullet from world-renowned Speer Bullets. Priced right. First come; first served.

Speer Bullet’s vaunted Varminter Jacketed Hollow Point bullet in .308 Win., with a grain weight of 130, provides explosive performance and most impressive accuracy. It sports a 0.263 ballistic coefficient. Combine this with HSM’s time-honored crafting of cartridges with exacting powder formulation and utilizing the very best cases (7.62 x 51) and primers, always optimizing accuracy. The result is a unique .308 Win. round built expressly for the job of popping prairie dogs or subduing the wily coyote. Ideal for taking wild hogs! Muzzle velocity comes in at 2850 ft./sec.

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, HSM Ammunition is noted for exceptional accuracy in every realm of the shooting sports. They manufacture excellent cartridges for virtually every caliber of pistols, revolvers, and rifles. To learn more about the complete line of HSM Ammunition, please visit www.HSMammunition.com.