West Coast Armory Earns NSSF Five-Star Rating

In mid-December, NSSF announced that West Coast Armory was awarded a Five-Star range rating.

In mid-December, NSSF announced that West Coast Armory was the newest range to be awarded the organization’s top Five-Star rating for range excellence.

This Washington State company has two footprints: A dual-purpose range and retail facility in the bustling suburb of Bellevue, across Lake Washington from Seattle, and a second retail-only storefront a few miles southwest in the town of Issaquah. The Bellevue location, commonly known as the Bellevue Gun Club, consists of Bay 1’s twelve 20-yard lanes for pistol calibers and ten 25-yard lanes with wider stalls and touchpad carrier controls in Bay 2. Bay 3, a tactical bay, is available for use by the range’s Gold members, for hosted events, and for law enforcement training, while Bay 4 boasts ten 20-yard lanes for pistol and shotgun use. All bays are wheelchair-accessible, and Bays 2 and 3 accommodate rifle calibers up to .308 and shotguns, in addition to handguns.

The spotless, well-lit, climate-controlled range facility is complemented by West Coast Armory’s team of experienced instructors, who host an assortment of classes offered each month. They are also available for private instruction. An impressive lineup of rental firearms offers something for everyone, and a shooting simulator provides added entertainment value for both members and their non-shooting guests. The well-designed membership program ensures shooters of all interest levels and budgets can enjoy the outstanding facilities and its amenities. The range also accommodates private events, such as corporate outings, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. The West Coast Armory Pro Shop fronting the range facilities offers a wide range of ammunition and accessories.