Gletcher Announces Wild West Marketing as West Coast Sales Representatives

New York, NY- Gletcher®, a brand that specializes in the production and design of pneumatic replica firearms, names Wild West Marketing as their west coast sales representatives.

Employing seven full time professional sales representatives covering 13 western states, Wild West Marketing actively pursues dealers in the Rocky Mountains region to the Pacific Coast and Alaska. Wild West Marketing will present, educate and continue building their dealer relationships with Gletcher products. Gletcher currently offers multiple airgun and airsoft models including nostalgic replicas like the Mosin-Nagant style, M1944 and Mauser style, M712. Gletcher looks forward to the added input, sales forecasting and expertise the Wild West Marketing group provides for this region of the United States.

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About Gletcher:
Gletcher is a brand of pneumatic guns and accessories, established by SMG Inc. Their slogan, "Military Precision", emphasizes the high level of implementation of their air guns both in function and design. It also reflects the passion it evokes in their customers. Gletcher's primary goal is to create pneumatic guns that simulate the feeling of shooting a real firearm. Features like full-metal construction, movable slides (blowback system), and realistic recoil all add to the realism of the Gletcher experience. Gletcher air guns are a balance between functionality and historical accuracy, the combination of which captures the essence and nostalgia of shooting with classic firearms. For more information, visit

About SMG Inc.
SMG Inc. is an American company established in 2008. They specialize in the production of pneumatic guns under the brand "Gletcher", as well as tactical and outdoor knives under the brand "Steel Will Knives". SMG prides themselves on making products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship. For more information on their entire line of products, please visit