Winchester Repeating Arms

The Wildcat .22 LR rifle is designed to take the rimfire autoloader to a whole new level of value and performance. The Wildcat uses a striker-fired action design (much like a centerfire bolt-action rifle) to provide faster locktime and a lighter trigger pull than traditional hammer-fired rimfire designs. In addition, the hemispheric firing-pin tip focuses its striking energy more efficiently, creating a deeper rim indent that gives more reliable ignition with all types of .22 LR ammo.

Derek Gifford

Winchester The Wildcat .22 LR autoloader uses a striker-fired action design to provide faster locktime and a light trigger pull.

The lower receiver assembly is easily removed from the upper assembly by pushing a single button located at the rear of the upper assembly.

The Wildcat also features a skeletonized, ergonomic, ambidextrous molded polymer stock, a pair of Picatinny rails, a reversible manual safety button to accommodate right- and left-handed shooters, and a 10-round detachable rotary magazine. SRP: $249.99. (