The WX Tide is the latest addition to Wiley’s Climate Control series of sunglasses. Like all Climate Control models, the new WX Tide features the company’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity Seal. This exclusive design blocks out wind and dust, and prevents reflected light from entering the sides of the frame as well as above and below the frame. The result is a comfortable, controlled environment for the wearer’s eyes, resulting in undistracted vision and improved visual performance while hunting or shooting. Tactical users will also find wearing these glasses advantageous. When not needed,the Facial Cavity Seal can easily be removed and stored in the provided carrying case.

The WX Tide comes in a Black Ops Collection model (#CCTID01), which matches an understated Matte Black frame with versatile smoke-gray lenses. For high-glare environments (such as hunting near water), two WX Tide models feature the company's advanced Filter 8 polarized lens technology. WX Tide (Model #CCTID09) combines a gloss-black frame with Wiley X's polarized blue-mirror lenses; Model #CCTID04 pairs gold-mirror lenses with a matte hickory-brown frame. SRP: $100, non-polarized; $150, polarized. (