Wiley X Honored as Small Business of the Year

Wiley X, Inc., an innovator in premium protective eyewear since 1987, has been honored as a “Small Business of the Year” for California’s 16th Assembly District. Chosen by State Assemblywoman Catherine Baker, the award was presented to Wiley X co-owners Myles Freeman Jr. and Dan Freeman at a California Small Business Day 2017 luncheon, an annual event that recognizes key small-business owners for their hard work and contribution to the state’s economy.

Small businesses contribute 75 percent of California’s gross state product, and more than half of the state’s private sector jobs. The event aims to “salute small business” and provides an opportunity for small-business owners to connect with government agencies, elected officials, and businesses.

"Wiley X is honored to receive this award on behalf of all the men and women who have worked so hard over the years to help our company thrive and grow," said Myles Freeman Jr. "What began as a vision by my father to provide American soldiers with state-of-the-art ballistic protective eyewear has grown into a premium sunglass brand known around the world." (wileyx.com)