Outdoor Tech Goes Camo

Bluetooth technology is revolutionizing the outdoor world. Wireless speakers designed to be used in hunting camps or in the bed of a pickup truck after a dove shoot are just one example of this brave new world. It's a world inhabited mainly by the young, but their insistence on "staying connected but not tethered" (as one manufacturer of wireless speakers puts it) is helping to spread the word about this remarkable technology. That manufacturer, by the way, is Outdoor Tech, which has long been a leader in the field. And that leadership has led Outdoor Tech to form an important partnership with Mossy Oak, which should grow its market in the shooting sports and hunting arenas.

Ben Fonnesbeck Imaging

Outdoor Tech wireless speakers now come in Mossy Oak camo.

“Outdoor Tech is making the products outdoor enthusiasts want for their ‘unplugged’ lifestyle,” says Chris Paradise, chief sales officer of Mossy Oak. “Adding Mossy Oak to this incredible product line reaches the hunting consumer and adds a rugged touch to high-tech audio and power products.”

The power-packed Buckshot Pro speaker, rugged Turtle Shell speaker, and portable Kodiak Power banks are a few of the products that will be available in Mossy Oak camo. The products are not only ideal for the outdoors, camping, and shooting sports retail channels, but also the lifestyle channel, with its premium Mossy Oak finish and trendy camouflage appearance.

"I'm very excited to partner with a premium brand that has the same passion and obsession for the outdoors as we do," says Charlie Gugliuzza, Outdoor Tech's CEO. "Mossy Oak is the leader in camouflage design, and this new collection of products fits any outdoors lifestyle." (mossyoakhunt.com)